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City Dog Share is dedicated to the welfare of the animals.

By providing local and online communities, we intend to help and support as many nonprofit SPCA'S, Humane Societies, and rescue/adoption agencies as possible by increasing foster/adoption rates, and the quality of life and care for dogs and their guardians. Check out these great places to volunteer, get involved, or learn how to foster or adopt a dog.

If you are not sure what type of dog you would like (in terms of size, personality, energy level, traits, quirks, etc), consider sharing someone else's dog first. Each guardian will tell you about their dog, their tendencies, experiences, and cool insider tips and tricks for each of their loved ones. Additionally, you can talk to a specialist at any one of these other fine 501c3 nonprofit organizations listed below.

All dogs adopted in these programs will have been spayed, neutered, and had their shots, and been tagged before going home with you.

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If you are a professional service provider i.e. dog sitter, dog walker, groomer, photographer, healer, etc.. click here to register for a free listing on our website!

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