go to facebook.com/citydogshare to find a group near you

You will need a Facebook account to participate in this program.

How it works
We have set up local Facebook groups so that people can meet and help care for each other's dogs.

Go to facebook.com/citydogshare to find a group near you.
(Fill out the form on the right to request a City Dog Share group near you!)

Then post a picture of your dog, when you have a dog that needs to be watched. Other members can comment on the thread or send you a message. Check to see if your privacy settings allow people you haven't friended yet to message you.

All City Dog Share groups are open groups, which means that once you join, you can invite your friends!

We currently have open groups in: If you have a dog that needs to be watched
Once you become a member of a local group, you can post to the Group Wall.  Please include all the relevant information such as:

Other members can comment on the thread or click through your profile to send you a private message.

Please note that there are no guarantees that anyone will pick up your request.  This is just a forum to post them.  Also, we do not explicitly guarantee or condone anybody's actions. Take your most reasonable assurances, go through friends of friends, and volunteer to meet people first. Please use your best judgment in accepting shares at all times. These groups are for 18 and over only.

If you would like to watch someone else’s dog
Join a group!  Set your notifications to your own comfort level and check in on a regular basis.  New shares are popping up all the time.

Invite your friends! As a group member, you can invite anyone you like.  If you would like some cards to pass out, please get in touch with us and we can work something out.

Getting Started
Our fanpage is the parent umbrella for all the Groups. Our fanpage is where we post funny dog photos, or discuss best training practices and other general things related to dogs.

The local groups are where all the sharing takes place. Click here to find a group near you! .

Disclaimer page coming soon - this is of course all at your own risk. We are not liable or responsible for any of it.

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